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What Should I Do To For My Mental Health During Election Week: 3 Simple Ways To Control Your Thoughts

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  1. Create A Support Circle Group.
  2. Download an app blocker or app timer to reduce doom scrolling. OR mute election phrases now.
  3. Write down your thoughts and cross out the ridiculous ones.

Create A Support Group

Election night: Whether it’s Groupme, iMessage or whatever. Get 3-5 people that you trust to form a pact to limit interaction with things that could make you all more anxious.

Confide in each other, send each other funny or entertaining tik toks, support and encourage each other, and remind each other of the reality and your personal power.

Download an app blocker

Doomscrolling is when you continue to scroll through bad news or bad takes, even though they are saddening, triggering or frustrating. Search the app stores to use an app blocker/app timer to forcibly limit your time on social media apps.

Need some suggestions for apps to help block or manage your time on social media or the internet during election week? Here are a few:

1. Our Pact
Our Pact iOS & Android
2. Desktop, iOS & Android
3. Block Apps
Block Apps for Android

Write down those ridiculous thoughts.

Thoughts that have no basis in truth, history or don’t feel like your own, write them down and cross them out.

Get any thought that feels like you’re predicting a grim, doom-filled future out of your head and visualize that they are not rooted in facts. Could it happen? Possibly, but being fixated on “will it happen” sometimes causes unnecessary anxiety.